Help unbrick my c7 v2

Hello, good morning.. I have a tp link c7 v2, I previously flashed openwrt, I wanted to return to stock.. But now it is in boot lop, I think it is brick..
I followed these two tutorials:

And I download the original firmware from the tplink website and I rename the firmware as the tutorial says "ArcherC7v2_tp_recovery.bin" and I can't revive my router, also use openwrt-19.07.0-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v2-il-squashfs-factory.bin

and also download the firmware hex edited by user "ian5142" from this link at

I already tried with two different computers.. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I hope someone can you help me... I uploaded two videos to YouTube of the process

I speak Spanish I am using a translator

il is wrong, unless you have the Israeli hardware version, neither does it make any sense to use 19.07.x instead of current (23.05.x).