Help translating WireGuard PostUp to HotPlug

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me translate a simple PostUp from my WireGuard config to a HotPlug script. I'm a little overwhelmed by the documentation so an explanation of what's going would would be great!

The PostUp looks like this PostUp = /home/mullvad-upgrade-tunnel -wg-interface %i. It's an executable from here that enables Mullvad's proprietary implementation of a preshared key for their VPN. Any help figuring this out would be fantastic, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(post deleted by author)

Deleted the last post as they have added an Armv7 release. Any help still appreciated :slight_smile:

After doing some research this is what I came up with, but when I run wg it doesn't show the preshared key as existing. Is there something wrong with my hotplug script?

if [ "$ACTION" = "ifup" ] && [ "$INTERFACE" = "VpnWG" ]; then
    logger "WireGuard interface VpnWG is up; running mullvad-upgrade-tunnel"\
    /root/mullvad-upgrade-tunnel -wg-interface $INTERFACE