Help! Tp link cannot access recovery mode

I have a tl-wr740n and i tried to compile a build using menuconfig. Now i cannot access the router and can't even boot the router into recovery mode to unbrick should help you, if you're lucky your OEM bootloader does support push-button tftp recovery. If not, I'd reconsider if you really want to go further, considering that this device is affected by (but recovering via serial console is likely to work, unless you overwrote bootloader or wireless calibration data).

I tried using telnet but it shows 'network is unreachable'

No one said anything about telnet, tftp has nothing in common with telnet.

The debricking guide has a telnet command. It flashes the system led rapidly as the guide says it should but then i still cannot access the router.

What happens if you try ssh instead of telnet?

Router doesn't respond.