Help to use tailscale on a single NIC pi4

I have a raspberry pi4 with 22.03 installed, it's for dns server. I need travel recently and want to use tailscale on it to act as a exit node, I follow the steps in, when visit from a phone through LTE, I CAN access my home network(router config webpages) but not internet, even public website ip directly is not working, please help me to figure out what I did wrong, thanks


You must also enable masquerading on the interface (zone) used by the device itself to access the Internet.

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thank you very much for the reply, I'm using android tailscale, turned out there's a 'use exit node...' in menu, after select pi4 exit node, android can access internet through home network :sweat_smile:
I did add masquerading on lan zone follow your advice, it solved the 'createendpoint error connection was refused'.