Help to reinstall proprely

Hi everybody,

So I ask you some help ! I encounter some DNS issue with my Linksys WRT3200ACM. So I decided to reinstall it. I was with the lastest firmware from David502. This firmware doesn't exist anymore so I decided to flash this image : SNAPSHOT (r17247-022d1fe80f). So I flashed and after that, my router seems bricked I have only the power led and the Internet LED. Nothing works. I tried to reset it with the reset button and after that, I retrived a IP etc.

I configure everything (install luCI etc.) and I have an issue : I install WIreguard but when I try to create a Wireguard interface, Wireguard doesn't show on the protocol list. So I decided to reboot the router... And it brick again... I disconnect everything, because for me my router is broken.

I tried a last time and I recover my router again.

This is all the question I have :

  • Can you help me to reinstall my router proprely ?
  • Which firmware I need to use (I don't think I choose the good one --") ?

Right now, I have LuCI and my router seems to work but I don't want to reboot because I afraid to brick it again.

Thank you so much for your precious help


Okay so after a good sleep I manage to recover almost all the issue I have !

  • I have flashed a factory image so my router dont' brick anymore.
  • The DNS issue was easy : my OpenWRT router and my ISP shared the same network.

No need to worry. You have a luxurious dual partition router. As long as you only flash via GUI, this device is practically unbrickable.

Do you need help with the reset button sequence, to manually switch to the other partition and back? Being familiar with this sequence is key for no-worries-flashing on this device.

If you need version advice „on the good one“:
At the moment, I would recomment 19.07.7 for inexperienced Linksys WRT series users. In addition, lookout for the recent WRT 21.02 threads in the forum, to get some signal, when 21.02 seems good to go, as the current RC releases still have a few issues specifically on Linksys WRT.

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