Help to make a cache dns resolver

my goal is to make a dns resolver who will query root servers and cache the results and
i need to do it with luci web interface, because i'm not a pro and i'm not able to do it with cli
the dns cache resolver is needed just for my lan's client, no external connection have to be allowed, i do not wanna use isp or other external dns server

i've made some research but i found nothing clear to me, seem unbound should be the best option to use it with dnsmasq but i don't really know how to do it, i hope you can help me

any help?
i've tried to instal unbound with all his components, and tried to setup, but with no success

The setup for unbound in the readme pretty much just works.

thanks for the link, but i'm not able to setup with cli, i need to setup with luci web interface