Help to install D-LINK DIR-2640 using D-Link Recovery GUI

Hello, great people from OpenWRT:

I wanted to install OpenWrt in a d-link dir-2640 so I followed the instructions in recovery gui also I tried using curl but without any luck.

I am wondering If anyone knows something extra to install it using curl, I am using ubuntu 20.10 I am not sure if it's because of the version of curl or my device is just locked. (which is strange because I bought it on amazon 7 months ago)

are you able to get to the recovery gui ?

What exactly does that mean?
What exactly have you done, what exactly was the outcome?

yes I am able

I have tested the following methods

1 download the snapshot: openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_dir-2640-a1-squashfs-factory.bin
2 change my ethernet interface to /
3 poweroff the router, press reset, without keep pressing I connected the router to power and wait until the led start to blink orange
4 enter to
5 select the bin and try to upload, that just timeout

1,2,3, steps
4 enter to
5 select firmaware
6 poweroff router, press reset, keep it , power on, until orange blink
7 press upload button in the gui recovery page,
result: firmware upload failed

4 use curl

curl -v -i -F "firmware=@openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_dir-2640-a1-squashfs-factory.bin"

Result it just display the page js but nothing else. so not success on upload firmware

Did you try a Windows based browser? Recent D-Link recoveries have known issues with e.g. Firefox (and Chrome/Chromium) on Linux.

Breaks here every time on my DIR-878, works the first time with Firefox on Windows...


Thanks Borromini it works as you said.

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