Help to identify if Zyxel AMG1312-T10B router is really not supported

Hello to all the OpenWrt community,

I’ve a Zyxel AMG1312-T10B adsl router that is not listed between the devices supported by OpenWrt firmware: it’s equipped with a Ralink RT63365 MIPS 34K V5.5 quad core cpu and about 32 MB of ram.

If I search with Google using the device DSL Version: FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_11.2 I can see that different brands are probably sharing the same hardware platform.

Also, this is a list of the loaded modules that may be help identify some hardware components used by this device:

Can someone please tell me if this device it’s really unsupported or if I can install a firmware tailored for another device?

Thank You.

In general, you can't flash firmware from one device onto another. Unlike x86 computers, there is no on-disk format and no self-discovery of hardware.

Flashing the wrong firmware can be unrecoverable, including; destroying critical, instance-specific data, overwriting boot loaders, and potentially damaging hardware.

Determining if it can be used with another device's firmware would be one of two ways:

  • The identical OEM firmware is shared by the devices (down to the release and every "bit" in it)
  • An in-depth examination of the hardware and firmware determine that the units are identical both electrically and logically

The latter is effectively the groundwork "porting" the device to OpenWrt, with the luck that there is an existing device that it "matches".

This is probably just the "blob" for the DSL modem, which has "nothing" to do with the OS, just what is loaded to what is probably a co-processor (or thread) for handling DSL.

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Too little to run current OpenWrt.

There is just a single device with this SoC listed in the ToH, and it is unsupported (due to low RAM).
There is nothing for you to build on when you try to add OpenWrt support for your device.

Given that your device has a currently unsupported SoC, only 32MB of RAM, and possibly only 4MB flash, you'd be better off to dump it and get a new one which fulfills the minimum requirements (8/64) or even more, and which will be much more fun for you to play around with OpenWrt.


The SOC is not supported by OpenWrt yet - and the xDSL drivers 'never' will be.


I will try to choose my next Vdsl2 router that is compatible with OpenWrt.

Thank you for your help.

I keep my modem and router separate. That way, for just a little more, I can “have the best of both worlds”, as well as not having my Internet connection go down completely if I misconfigure my router.

A modem that implements “pass-through” or “transparent “ mode is best, if you can find one that works with your ISP.

There are several previously ISP branded, but OpenWrt compatible (albeit not easy to do the initial flashing) lantiq VRX2xx devices on the used market, ranging between 1-10 EUR plus shipping. Most of them don't have spectacular wlan (802.11n, single band, RaLink), but they do make a good vectoring capable VDSL2 modem under OpenWrt - and in combination with a good router, you can forget about their wlan cards or the performance limits of the lantiq SOC.

If you're looking for an all-in-one device with OpenWrt support, the BT Home Hub 5 Type A is hard to beat (the initial flashing is rather on the complex side though).

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Usually I prefer to use a single device in the home environment, even if I have used firewalls and modems “chained” together at work.

Is there a list of OpenWrt-compatible devices that only offer routing functions and need to be paired with a modem?

See OpenWrt supported devices without modem