Help. TL-WR710N TFTP server address?

I have been using this WR710N for years as my travel router and it has been working great. It was running LEDE 17 and I wanted to upgrade it to the last version that properly supported it v19 but I accidently installed 22.03 and now its crawling. The web page barely loads and all attempts to load another image has failed.

I have all my old FWs for the device including a "stripped" stock one but no matter which image I choose nothing happens. As in, I select the image in "Backup /Flash", I upload it, the device accepts it, reboots and looks like its installing (light flashes like it is) but when it comes back up it is still on 22.03.

I have bricked and restored it in the past but it was years ago and I cant find the TFTP recovery info any more. I have a Solarwinds TFTP server running on Windows with firewall turned off and from memory I have tried and on both the LAN and WAN/LAN ports but I dont see it trying to connect so I am not sure if I have it setup properly.

Any help appreciated

You may need to initiate the process via serial...

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Thanks. Any idea why its not working over ethernet like it used to? I used to hold the reset button while powering it on, the LED would ( and still does) flash rapidly and then it would look for the TFTP server. That process is still working it seems but its not finding the TFTP server

no, I don't know... I haven't used this specific device.

That said, the rapid flashing is probably actually OpenWrt's failsafe mode. You can use this to try to flash an older version of OpenWrt, and you may have more success because the system is in a minimalist state, thus it should ahve much more free memory.

You'll need to set a static IP on your computer (for example, and then using SCP, you can transfer the firmware file to /tmp on the router. Once transferred, ssh into the device and run sysupgrade (sysupgrade -n < filename >) and it should flash the version you want.

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maybe a wireshark could help you ?
is your windows firewall turned off ?


Also a good idea to connect an Ethernet switch between the router and the PC so that the PC has a constant Ethernet carrier. That will keep the PC from trying to restart its port while the router is booting.


Thanks. I'll give Wireshark a go. Yes firewall is off

Good idea, didn't think of that. Will try that too

Thanks all for the help. Looks like the fast flashing was Failsafe mode and I was able to send the v19 image to it and do a sysupgrade. Only difference was I had to use -F to force it back to v19 from v22

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