Help testing - Different firewall zone but same interface or alias


I noticed an odd effect (I won't call it a bug) in fw3 firewall parsing...

As I can best word it:

Creating 2 OpenWrt-enumerated interfaces and addressing the second as:

  • the same PHY as the first; or
  • an alias of the first

...then placing them in different firewall zones - may cause undesired effects.

It seems that the real (or the first, I donno :confused: ) interface is placed first in the iptables chains - then the second. This could cause for example:

  • a 1st interface that allows INPUT traffic to a specific port on the interface - but had a DROP/REJECT rule on the 2nd (e.g. using for SNAT only)
  • A default ALLOW rule on the 1st that is DROP or REJECT on the 2nd interface

  • Also, I'm almost sure the final default rule for the traffic is handled anyways, so the loop to the 2nd chain is never hit.
  • This would not affect [Port] Forwards for traffic received on those interfaces

Can anyone confirm this behavior is consistent - for example if your /etc/config/network lists the alias first?

I assume most people wouldn't make such a config anyway...

EDIT: this seems to have nothing nothing to do with UCI, fw3 or OpenWrt to be honest - since it seems it's valid iptables syntax. It could be a basic n00b error averted by a warning somewhere?

You should not be assigning an IP alias interface to a different zone. It is expected that only the first hit in iptables will have effect.


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