[help] tagging dscp + layer cake + veth

hello everyone
i want to give my console priority over all other devices on network
I've read about tagging my console traffic with dscp
and give all other traffic another dscp then let sqm / layer cake handle it
used luci to do all the things above but I've read that i must use veth because I'm using wifi (5ghz) for console and 2.4 for phones
I've installed kmod-veth
but i need help with setting up veth with command lines and how to route the traffic from wan to veth0
also how to bridge br-lan with veth1
and should i add new interface and what sqm settings will be is all that can be done through luci ?

You can assign dscp classification in the firewall rules. Just pick DSCP in the action drop down list.

thank you for your response
i did it
and installed veth and now I'm testing my work