(HELP) Suncomm SE06_PRO AX3000 | Quectel RM520NGL

Good day!
I have been messing around with this 5g_cpe for a while, sadly it yielded no results in any way.
I am fairly new to the whole concept of custom firmware for routers, meaning I lack a ton of technical knowledge in regard to literally anything about this topic :sweat_smile:, so please don't be harsh on me :sweat_smile: thanks!

Anyway, this router uses the Qualcomm X62 chipset and IPQ5018.
It sadly has no SSH access active, so I have to figure out how to build stock firmware with SSH availability.

Can anyone please help me point into the right direction, as in, where/what my first steps should be, especially in figuring out on how to enable SSH?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated! :blush:

IPQ50xx is currently a dead end.


According to device manufacturer, they use some kind of OpenWRT, is that straight up a lie, using heavy words, then?
Thank you for the notice!

Nah, they just bend the truth to fit their needs..

Same story as in Adding support for Linksys MR5500

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Thank you! Though that is sad :frowning:
I was talking to the manufacturer, they gave a lot of information about the router, but only things that have nothing to do with OpenWRT. Now I at least know why they were so avoiding in talking about OpenWRT, instead I only got a reply about that as in, if I am already running latest stock firmware, there is no need for OpenWRT, yet they advertise it as being OpenWRT compatible left and right. Even the router packaging has a big "OpenWRT" label on its front cover

And yes, I checked here on forum and on guide, if this router is supported, and found it is not, even remotely, prior to buying even.
But I hoped it will develop further. Since this product is merely what, two months old or something

Though not trying to talk bad about this company, since they really do actively develop firmware for this and their older routers, which is good, if only the false advertising would not be there.
Otherwise, the router is great overall, its web interface is a little, well, it is a bit of less feature-packed than I'd hoped, but other than that, there are many nice-to-haves available by default.

They are even developing a mobile app for this router right now, let's see how that will turn out.

if you really want to take a look, pop it open, and check if you can find the serial connector.

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