Help Setting Up Wireless (WIFI)

So I installed OpenWrt to my Linksys router and after installing I couldn't connect to my router until I used an Ethernet cable and when im connected to it via ethernet i can only login to the router page and nothing else so my issue is i have setup the networks but they wont connect to the internet and I don't know whats going on if its trying to use mine as a host or something but i need this fixed asap

wifi is off by default for security reasons.

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yes i know but how do i enable it?

Read the linked article -- it has information about how to enable wifi.

Are you able to get internet via ethernet? If not we need to know more:

  1. Did you make any changes to OpenWrt (other than possibly enabling wifi)?
  2. Do you have another router connected between the OpenWrt router and the internet?
  3. What kind of internet service do you have?
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No I'm not able to get internet via ethernet the router doesn't work

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Xfinity

Is your Xfinity device a modem only, or does it have router functionality in it (modem + router)? If it is supplied by Comcast, it is often a combo unit.

Try rebooting your cable modem. You may need to do this a few times, and it can be helpful to unplug the Linksys device, power cycle the modem, then reconnect the Linksys router to your modem after the modem has fully booted.

could it be that the wireless configs are listed as lan in the interface configuration and not wan or something like that ive tried what you said to do in your reply and it didn't work no its just a modem

The wireless config is pre-configured to work with the OpenWrt lan network... you just need to give it an SSID name, password and encryption type, and enable it.

Just navigate to Network > Wireless (if you're in the web UI) and you should see what you need to do. It's in the article I linked.... is there something specific that you're not seeing when you go there or are you confused about some of the instructions or options?

im just confused because i followed the thing you link i followed the steps and the networks aren't connecting on other devices and i have an ethernet cable connected from the router to the pc and the wired connection only works for getting into the admin panel im trying to add networks for them to work and it will let me add them and they will show up but when i try to connect to them it wont work

What devices? If the internet connectivity isn't working yet, phones and other devices that have cellular functions may disconnect on their own.

Ok... well, let's start with some basics here:
In the main web status page (status > overview), you will see a section called "Network" -- do you see an "IPv4 Upstream" section under that? If so, what are the first two octets of the address in that section (the part in bold: aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd)

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