Help setting up Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Lite as router

Hi all. I followed directions on and got my U6-LIte to boot up in Luci. The instructions were incredibly simple.

I want to set it up as a router (Ethernet as WAN and Wireless as LAN). Does a quick guide exist to do that? If not can someone mind writing me a few lines?

Many thanks in advance.

There is a Quick Start Guide and a User Guide...

Very simple question but when you followed the instruction of:

5. Check the mtd partition number for bs / kernel0 / kernel1

cat /proc/mtd

6. Set the bootselect (bs) flag to boot from kernel0

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1 count=1 of=/dev/mtdblock4

does it mean to zero out the (bs) partition (mtd4) or the (kernal0) (mtd6) one?

Pretty sure you are writing a single 0 at position 1 of the /dev/mtdblock4 (bs) which is before the magic numbers. This is to tell the system to boot kernel0 when it starts up.

Okay thanks!