Help setting up relayd wireless repeater

Hi Folks,

For a while, I have been using one of my wireless routers as a WifI extender, only it is setup to be a wired AP. I used this script.

However, I want to go beyond that. I have setup mjpg-streamer on this device so it can stream a webcam to a motioneye server I have setup. I want the option of going totally wireless, stream mjpg-streamer, and still be to connect to it as a repeater with a wireless device. And still have the option for me to hardwire to it in case I need to troubleshoot if something should go wrong.

This relayd/repeater script disables LAN connectivity.

The first script works perfectly setting up openwrt as a Wired AP repeater, but not for AP to AP connection. Hopefully, this makes sense. Thanks.

Have you studied the relayd openwrt wiki page?

There is also another package called trelay, but not well-documented.

If, however, both your actual router and extender to-be support WDS and are compatible, that's an easier solution.