Help setting up PPPoE connection

Hello, its my first time using openwrt and wanted a bit of help setting up a PPPoE connection. i have connected the cable from my ISP to the router wan port and from the router lan port my desktop cpu

As far as i understand from what i have read, i have to go to Network -> Interfaces -> Edit Wan and change protocol from DHCP client to PPPoE, enter the username and password & save it.

My first question is that in the Network -> Interfaces setting, i see both wan and wan6 so quite confused which one i should be editing for above process ?

Additonally, assuming i have enabled both the wireless networks in Network -> wireless and setup a password for them, do i need to change anything else ?
(For info, my isp doesn't support ipv6)

You have to edit the WAN interface. WAN6 is a DHCPv6 interface that you're better off deleting altogether in the context of a PPPoE connection.


Thanks for the heads up. Just so i am understanding it correctly, is wan6/DHCPv6 something to do with ipv6. Say for eg if my ISP supported ipv6 then i would have edited wan6 for setting up the PPPoE connection ?
(Sorry if i get the technical terms incorrect, not really familiar with networking in general)

Yes get v4 working first. If your ISP offers IPv6 the ppp driver will start up a new wan_6 interface for it. This replaces the default wan6 interface, so you can just delete wan6 in any case.

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What device is there at the other end of the cable? How is it configured?