Help setting up Orange Pi Zero. How to add USB Ethernet for Internet?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to set up an Orange Pi Zero.

I'm connected from my pc to the Orange, and can access

I want to use a TP Link UE300 Ethernet Adapter for internet, but I think I need to add a driver to make it work?

I've seen " kmod-usb-net-rtl8152" driver suggested. There's a page for it here but I dont see any download links:

Currently the only ethernet port is being used to connect to my pc, so the Orange doesn't have internet.... So how do I go about adding the driver?


Use Wi-Fi for Internet connection or reconfigure Orange Pi to be a client of your existing LAN and connect it over wired Ethernet to your existing router (if you have one).
Then install the driver in a regular way. The module you need is kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 Kernel module for USB-to-Ethernet Realtek 8152 USB2.0/3.0 convertors

Thank you. Nearly there.

Now I have Orange Pi with USB internet.

I can ping google from Orange Pi / OpenWrt. Yay internet works!

Orange Pi Ethernet is plugged into my PC

I can access from my pc

I can't access internet from my PC. Lan works but no internet.

How to get internet on PC?

What are the contents of /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall ?

Sorry, how can I access those to send to you?

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