Help setting up mwan3

Can someone helping setting up mwan3 on a wrt31000acm using openwrt

Trying some time have a lot of readings and YouTube video's but so far difference results.
So reaching out to the community for some assistance.

Write, what you have, and what you want.

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I want mwan3 balancing.

At this point I start with a clean openwrt.

Before I had have a wan port
And removed lan1 out of the br-lan.

In interface I created a new interface;

Name: wan_b
Protocol: DHCP
Device: lan1
Tab Advanced settings: use gateway metric: 20
Firewall settings tab: assigned to wan
DHCP server tab: turned on DHCP

Or do I need to use a VLAN instead of lan1 for wan_b?

At the wan interface under advanced settings I set gateway metric: 10

Next thing I did put a cable in the wan port to my ISP modem and got internet, ping is okay.

I removed the cable and put a cable in lan1 to 2nd port of my ISP modem.
I checked have internet, and ping is okay.

At the next point I put the 2 cables one in the wan port and the second in the lan1 port to the 2 modem ports.

At this point in openwrt at status and then overview page I can see only one wan port under network.

I installed mwan3 and mwan3 for luci

Iff I remove the lan1 cable

I have internet.
But under Status-load balance-detail: wan_b is unreachable

I turn on wan_b in network-load balancing

I also tried use broadcast flag and client ID to send when requesting DHCP on both wan and wan_b.
I got a IP adres and in overwiew-network I can see the wan and lan port but no internet and I lose 100% package

I thought something with ip route for the wan and wan_b

But I am at this point clueless
So started over with a fresh install to make things easier.

If this work this thread will also be a nice noob tutorial, I know there are a lot but for so far no luck.

Thanks all ready for helping out

Before you start, read the official guide and tutorial.

There are a few things to configure before configuring mwan3.
After you have done these, the default configuration of mwan3 is covering your needs. The important is to make sure that you have rules for ISP specific nameservers/mail servers.
Also since you are starting from scratch, name the second wan as wanb to be aligned with the mwan3 configuration.


Thanks for helping out, the config page you linked to I have read that a lot, but will do it again.

I will start with installing kmod-macvlan and name the wan_b to wanb and see what will happen

I don't think that is necessary. You have some lan ports to convert into wanb.

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Give output of
ip route show
for both cables being connected, and only one.

There is nothing wrong with the wiki setup. I had this issue when I was switching and testing both wan ports with the same gateway. Put two separate routers each for each wan port in between the gateway and you will test it successfully. The reason behind is that kernel maintains a default route for one network and when you switch the same route to the other wan port, the default route will fail. You really need two different networks (subnets from two routers) in order to test it. When you do not have such opportunity (two additional routers) a router reboot might also help.

Thanks for helping out so far, the last couple of days I was busy with the holidays that are coming, I tried the advise what is being told here but for so far no luck

The above is only for the wan port connected and below is wan and the lan port connected

You will need to connect two different gateways.


My configuration is as followed I have one ISP modem this one is using one gateway, I can't make more on this modem.

Behind this modem I have my wrt3200acm router.

So as you say I need another ISP connection or set the isp modem in bridge mode, so my wrt3200 router will handle everything.

So that need also another ip adres is this correct?

For testing purposes is enough that you put two routers in front of each wan port, so that the gateway is behind them. That way the routing table and kernel does not get confused. I used to have the same issue a while ago. Then I tested it with two routers and it worked even after that with two separate ISPs. The main point is that you get two different IP gateways behind the two wan ports. In fact it does not matter what is behind those two gateways further. To setup the mwan3 I used the wiki setup, which worked straight away.

So as i understand the wan port of the wrt3200 needs a gateway, and from the wanb port needs a gateway.

This two gateway running on different routers then from these routers to the isp modem

Problem is is coming from the ISP modem

Yes. Exactly. The important is, that the mwan3 sees two different gateways.


Thanks I think I get the idea, so if I have then two gateways mwan3 is working right.

The problem now is to get two gateways or in this case two routers

Is it possible to make in openwrt a gateway that already runs on the wrt3200 router, so as example to trick the wanb port that it is running on a different gateway

Or is this not going to work because a wan port and cable is physical

Another question all of this is it a problem of the latest openwrt?
So if I downgrade do I have the same problem?

I am not sure, whether the previous versions of openwrt had this, but I had 15.01 mwan3 set up and running for about 4 years without issue. I did not test it with one gateway, but 21.02 I was testing this way and I noticed this issue.

So maybe downgrading then for openwrt, silly to ask if it will be fixed in the further for openwrt

Using an outdated router is the same as you would run now a computer with windows xp connected to the net.

It is always best to use the latest software for security reasons.

I have a idea and don't know If this is possible.
I connect the modem to my wan port wrt3200 this will get the IP address from my modem.

Then I use a cable from te modem to my lan1 port of the modem, this one is setup with a different gateway like something 192.168.1.x, and then couple a virtual interface called wanb to this new gateway so mwan3 is tricked to belief it is usage a router but in reality it is intern in the wrt3200 router