Help setting up LT-1043ND v4 with LuCI LEDE-17

Please help me set up my TL-1043ND v4 with LEDE-17.

My IPS provides me with 1Gbps(Static IPv4)
I need to manage the network within one router so it will read WAN input as static and forward it to LAN (as 1Gbps) and to WLAN (at about 300Mbps).

I am running a Windows 10 machine and can configure only within UI
After upgrade from factory firmware it is capable of making a 100Mbps connection through a LAN router that delivers DHCP to WAN input of the router.

As far as I'm familiar with it, it seems like it requires specific knowledge to manage all thee firewalls and interfaces etc.

Please advise.

1)You will never get 300MBps wireless rate
300Mbps is the maximium negotiated rate
And the actually throughput that can be obtain by enabing fat-channel forcing 40MHZ is around 170Mbps/s after all my additional optimizations, assembler optimizations (it is already way better than default lede)
2)Make sure you use cat 5e or cat 6 cables with your laptop/pc having a gigabit adapter