Help setting up kidsafe network / Using putty

It is Voxel's LBR20 firmware. It is openWRT based:

ok. then whatever package manager it uses you need to find the command to install sudo in order to use the AGH install script.

I will try getting a hold of the guy who wrote the firmware. I have tried the commands I have found to install sudo and none of them have worked.

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That is not OpenWrt at all, but a modified (and updated in parts) OEM firmware, using the OEM webinterface and more - it has absolutely nothing to do with OpenWrt as we know it.

While the following boilerplate text might sound harsh, it's not intended to be and merely describes the facts.

Your post does not appear to be related to an officially released OpenWrt version, package or supported operation.

It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.

Thanks, I didn't know.