Help setting up dumb AP in a VLAN

Hey folks,

I’m trying to setup a dumb AP (openwrt) wired to my existing openwrt. I followed this guide and everything appears to work fine when I plug the AP to LAN 2 of the base openwrt (see diagram).

However, if I connect the AP through port 5 of a switch that sits in between, my entire network seems to go haywire so I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong with my VLAN setup (it was guesswork - I only have basic understanding of VLANs).

Given the setup in the diagram below, how would I go about doing this from scratch?


Current setup:

WAN port of openwrt (base) is connected to Port 1 of the switch.
Port 2, 3 and 4 of the switch are connected to ISP ethernet connections (VLAN 102, 103, 104).
VLAN 110 is being used for the switch's web configuration

Desired changes:

Add a wireless (dumb) AP which is connected to port 5 of the switch.


do you need VLANs ?
It isn't required for APs (nor in any other setup, really, unless you want/need them) in any way.

The WAN port isn't usually used for connecting APs, unless you converted it into LAN 1st.

the network dying might be because you using the same subnet on the LAN side of your OpenWRT device, as on the other side of it.


I am using the name "WAN" to refer to what is in the screenshot. In practice, the WAN port is acting as a trunk port to the switch in my setup.

"WAN" port of base openwrt router is connected to port "1" of the switch. I do need VLANs to expose an access port on the switch, right?

Ah, okay. How do I go about working around that problem? I have no idea how I could make the subnet separate.

Not sure of what you mean by "expose an access port", but no, you don't need it.
But it also depends on what you want to achieve.
If you simply want a working LAN, then you're over working it :wink:

Well, if you're saying your WAN port isn't actually WAN, then it shouldn't be an issue here.

But then I assume the WAN port have an IP in the same subnet as the networks on both
sides of the WAN port.


Are you sure your switch supports tagged vlans ? Check the documentation...

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Could you explain better what you want to achieve? We cannot help you much if we don't know what is the desired setup.

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It does. I already have VLANs 102, 103, 104 setup and working as expected.

Just updated the post. Basically, I want to use Port 5 of the switch to add a wireless AP to the default lan (bridge) of the base openwrt.

wan port is not a member of vlan1, that's why it doesn't work when you connect there the AP, but it works when you connect it to port LAN2.