Help selecting a router to use as a repeater for an ALFA AWUS 036h with rtl8187 chipset

So I am new to openwrt and I have googled as much info as I could, but not exactly finding the right answers, so if any of you could give me a hand I will be greatfull.

I have an awus 036h with an rtl8187 chipset, the idea is to use it with a router conecting it via usb to repeat the signal for a guest house thats 50 yards away. I have had trouble finding info on which routers are compatible to conect via usb to the awus 036h.
I havent been able to understand if any router with openwrt will work and I just have to add the drivers for the rtl8187 to make it work?

If the answer is yes(any router with openwrt will work) what economic router should I get?
In my local market the one I have seen with a USB port are 1) Tp-link Tl-wr840n , 2) Tp-Link Tl-Mr3020 3) Tp-Link TL-MR3420
but Im not sure any of those will work because of the 4/32mb flash ram.

the other option would be to buy online from aliexpress but it would be more complicated because of my country`s regulation on importing routers and because of COVID-19 shipping is not available.
4) MT7620N chip 300 Mbps WIFI wireless router 8MB flash memory 64MB RAM suitable for Padavan / Omni II / OpenWRT / OS / firmware

Two regular desktop routers can usually link reliably at that distance if the signal has a clear line of sight.

You're right don't buy anything that is 4/32. Look at the GL-Inet models they are distributed in many countries and have large memory.

If buying something new specifically for this purpose I would specify a CPE which has built in long range wifi, and not try to use a USB "long range" adapter.

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Ok thanks for the tips,
Just out of curiosity what if I used a tp link 3020 v3 that has 8/64 mb, would it work with the alpha auws 036h acting like if it was an alfa r36?

saw this guy doing something similar but with a 036NH

Even with the same model number you can have different chipsets in those adapters. Identifying the exact chip you have and making sure it is supported is important. Realtek wifi chips generally have poor to no support.

As you surmised it doesn't matter what router you use as long as it has a USB port and enough memory. An old desktop PC with an x86 build of OpenWrt on a USB flash drive is an excellent vehicle for testing if you don't have any other suitable hardware.

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Great thank you very much for the info, will try it with a desktop first before buying anything

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