Help reverting d-link dwr-921 back to stock

hello i am requesting support here as i can not get the guide page ( guide to work, i am using c1 rev on a windows 7 environment and trying to access the jboot interface at does not work, atleast i can not get anything to show, i am using firefox for it
and the ome firmware section has a link to other oem firmware but it does not work
(The most recent version of the OEM firmware is not the 301b1 or 300b7 but the 301b7. ) how ever the uk site for d-link does nott have 301b7. and if i try the backup / flash firmware section of it returns me with "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform. " could anyone help me get the required image format, even before openwrt when i flashed the newer firmware, it was completely compatible
i simply want to revert back to the stock firmware as openwrt has unfortunately become too much of a big burden to configure
all help is appreciated

I don't have any specific knowledge of this router or D-Link in general, so my advises might be a bit general.

Did you try another browser? Chrome for example? Also did you set a static IP for your PC in the range for JBOOT, or does it have DHCP working in that mode? What happens if you ping

OpenWrt guide (the page you referenced) says:

If via JBOOT web interface doesn't work, it can be done on the command line with curl command:
curl -F FN=@XXXXX.bin where XXXXX.bin is the name of the -factory.bin file.

Any luck with that?

As for OEM, please note that it's often recommended that you stick to the OEM for the particular region where the router is sold; better safe than flashing your router with incorrect image.

What happens if you follow these instructions?

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