Help restore my TP link CPE 210 V1.1 to its original Tplink Firmware.

Hello, about a year ago I installed the Firmware of LEDE version 18 on my Tplink CPE210, and I was using my antenna without difficulty, now a few days ago I decided to restore it with its original Firmware.

I did it step by step through this link

But the antenna now I can not access the web, nor do I have ping is dead.
The process seems to me that everything is going well.

I downloaded the 3 Firmware available on the original tplink site and tested each one of them and it still doesn't work

The method I used was Tftp:
This is the Tftp log:

Connection received from on port 4011 [04/17 19: 29: 52.500]
Read request for file <recovery.bin>. Mode octet [04/17 19: 29: 52,500]
OACK: <timeout = 5, blksize = 512,> [04/17 19: 29: 52.500]
Using local port 53429 [04/17 19: 29: 52,500]
<recovery.bin>: sent 8731 blks, 4470235 bytes in 2 s. 0 blk resent [04/17 19: 29: 54.890]

The process seems to be going well. Load the Firmware, then turn on all the LEDs. They turn off and only the power stays on and in about 15 seconds LAN0 turns on and does nothing more.

Could you tell me if I am making a mistake in the process?
How can I install the original Tplink Firmware?
In case you can't install your original software, how could you install LEDE again as a last resort?

I am grateful in advance for any help you can give me to recover my antenna.

Hello @ivansg, did you found out how to restore your cpe210 1.1? I have a simillar problem, my tftpd gives the same output as yours, but the rounter return to openwrt every time, it don't even reset settings.