Help regarding libwebsockets

I need to use WebSockets and I have installed libwebsockets-full (2.0.3-1) (Full - OpenSSL, libuv, plugins, CGI). But I am not sure how to use it because there is no clear documentation for openwrt, It didn't install any executable, only 2 compiled library and is there. How can I use it using CGI?

I tried to follow libwebsockets and php and lwsws (liberbsockets webserver). Do I have to write a C program first and then compile it to use lws? Or is there any easier way? I am confused. Please help. Thank you.

(I am already using lua-websockets for my purpose (it is very easy to use) but wanted to understand libwebsockets)

Yes, you'll need a C program using to actually do something with it. I am not sure if any example applications are packaged.

Thank you for your clarification. I think that lwsws is not included. can you please confirm it? It requires using -DLWS_WITH_LWSWS=1 at cmake-time. (
Is there any way to request the developers to add support for lwsws while compiling lws? This would make using websocket easier for novice users like me.