Help regarding captive portal with OpenWrt as client

I recently flashed openwrt on my TP-Link Archer C6. So the basic setup is as follows -

Public Wi-Fi ------> Open-WRT 5Ghz (Client) --------> Open-WRT 5Ghz (Virtual interface) (WLAN) ------> Multiple devices

So basically the client and WLAN are same physical adapter and are split into STA-AP mode. The public wifi uses captive portal to recognise the mac address of the device when you login for the first time using the credentials. It saves the mac-address and you won't have to repeatedly login. So everything is logged in. I can use internet properly on my PC with WLAN. However when I connect to the TP-Link router using my Android Phone it always says sign in required and it would try to redirect me to the captive portal page. However the captive portal ( doesn't open. Instead there is an option in the browser to "Use this network as is". I click on that option and the internet works fine for that session. However when I reconnect again then I have to repeat the same process. I just want it to bypass this captive portal detection as the internet is already working. I still don't understand why its asking to sign in when the internet just works fine.

Take a look at travelmate. It can do what you need.

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I turned off DNS rebind protection in DHCP settings and the problem was solved.
Thanks for the reply.
I read about travelmate and I think it might also do the job.

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