[Help/Recomendation] which WiFi stick should I buy?

I am using openwrt on a raspberry pi 3b.
I already bought this WiFi stick, but sending it back because the serial number is 123456 on this stick and the other stick I have so they are detected as one. I couldn't find out what the exact model is only that it is from Realtek. I need one stick for an internet connection and another for the WiFi. Any suggestions which WiFi stick I should buy?

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Ideally, none.

Get some cheap (or higher end) AP running OpenWrt and connect it via ethernet (bonus points for adding multiple, as needed). Things like dap-x1860, covr-x1860, wsm20 or better, which will be cheaper and much better (range, throughput, reliability, ease of use).


Probably just buy a router to replace the whole thing, in case form factor is a concern the TP-Link WR902AC, or GL-INET 750(S)/<MT1300/MT3000 are also good alternatives.

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