Help please cant add other adapters to lan?

Hoi all, i have a Mi 3G v1.

I was needing an extra 2.5gb port ( for a fun project) and i installed RTL8152 driver for my asus C2500 adapter, it works great. so the problem is the moment i add it to the bridge that contains port 1 and 2 i cant access the router anymore.

I also tried creating a Vlan and including all 3 ports and then adding the Vlan as adapter to Lan, also doesnt work.

I have no clue why, i need help. The openwrt router is main, dhcp is disabled on modem and also on pi ( pi hole is my dns)

Tips? suggestions? Why would i lose access to the router if i add the port i'm using to the bridge? When i set the 2.5 adapter alone as lan that works without any issues.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Post your network configs, the one that works and the one that fails.

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All right..

so this works if ETH1 is alone on lan :slight_smile:

But if i add it to the other 2 ports on bridge and then put it on lan then it doesnt.

And i cant understand why, ETH1 is the adapter i added extra...from the moment i add it to the bridge and apply i can only come back to openwrt if i do a hard reset of config.

You'll need some way to look at the logs after encountering the error. Perhaps there is a way to add the adapter temporarily and have the settings reset upon reboot, so you can access the logs after the reboot. I don't know how, unfortunately.

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YEah right!

I found out some possible issues that i'm going to fix on the next 15 minutes:

1)MTU is set to 9000 but i'm sure this router wont support it.
2) There's an AP connected with wrong config that i forgot on another room on the house and that is most likely causing ip loop.

Be right back with news XD

Problem solved, that was the issue indeed. Sorry bothering you, the moment i took a break and went eat something my ideas got clear enough to realize what was incorrect.

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