[ HELP - paid service ] Dynamic page in server - nodogsplash

Hello ,

im totally new to this world of captive portal

im also a developer and what im trying to do is :

  • when someone connect to my wifi they go to my website http://site.com/login after successful login they get access to the internet .

my router : GL INet
Model : GL-MT300N-V2
openwrt and nodogsplash installed .

i cant find any clear tutorial on how to do it .

any one can help me

Coincidence, of course, that the same question was asked few hours ago on a well known freelancer site, for commercial advice.
However, the offered $10-$30 there is only marginally better than "free-of-charge" answers here.

Someone with the word "Marketing" in their username trying to get free advice for commercial use? Allegedly... No no, I'm sure it is a coincidence :wink:

No, perhaps this is a new student project. Having done exhaustive research on social media, we are now getting down to serious research - ie shouting [HELP] (sic) on this forum.

hello if you can write me a script i can pay you i dont mind

mr bluewavenet thank you for your answer ,
im in my last year of engineering so im trying to build something new to help my university
and the word marketing is just part of my email im asking for advice not for commercial use
but i believe that nothing is free im ready to pay the sevice because im background is with react php html css c# ... and i know nothing about the world of routers but of course i dont have a big budget .
so please if you think that you can help me with that tell me the price that youre asking thank you .

This forum is for discussing all things about Openwrt. Yes by all means ask for help and advice, but as a student, particularly a student in your "last year of engineering", you should by now be expert in researching topics of interest. You clearly have not done any research on this topic - it is very easy to find information - If you had bothered to look you would by now have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the topic and be able to ask sensible questions.

It is obvious you have been given a specification for a project as the requirement is very specific and aimed squarely at a particular OpenWrt package.
Hint: It's not NoDogSplash as that package cannot serve dynamic web pages.

If you want to pay then post on the "well known freelancer site", but first learn a little about punctuation before posting.