Help open-vm-tools

Hello, I have installed x86 image in an ESXI server.
I have managed to boot it up.
Now, I would like to install open-vm-tools.
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you.

...I don't see that package in the table:

And having setup an LEDE VM multiple times...I'm lost at what your missing that you feel vm-tools are needed. I'm curious what are you missing?

You may have to compile them if it really is an issue for you.

The vmware tool is required for clean VM startup and shutdown.

Interesting...I never had an issue. ACPI shutdown - works for me, and never had boot issues (I can't recall if ESXi specifically requires the driver on the guest before it presents the option, though).

As I noted then, if you didn't find it in the Table of Packages:

Hope this helps.

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I make open-vm-tools package.
please someone try it out.
I checked it with ESXi 6.7.