Help Needed with TL-WN823N V2 WiFi Adapter for OpenWrt Setup

Hello OpenWrt Community,

I am seeking assistance and guidance regarding the TL-WN823N V2 USB WiFi adapter in conjunction with OpenWrt. I am looking for instructions on how to obtain the necessary drivers and configure the adapter to work with OpenWrt.

Here is a brief overview of my network setup and the desired configuration:

  1. Network Setup:

    • Router 0: Acts as the main router with DHCP but without wireless capabilities, providing LAN connectivity.
    • Router 1: Acts as an access point with wireless network capabilities, serving as the DHCP server (connected to Router 0 via LAN).
    • Router 2 (ESR300): The device I am working on, which will utilize the TL-WN823N V2 USB WiFi adapter as the WAN interface and its internal radio as a WiFi extender for Router 1 which gets DHCP from Router 0.
  2. Desired Configuration:

    • TL-WN823N V2 USB WiFi Adapter: Connects to Router 1 wirelessly, serving as the WAN interface for Router 2.
    • Internal Radio (ESR300): Acts as a WiFi extender, bridging the connection between Router 1 (DHCP from Router 0) and the devices connected to the ESR300's LAN interface and Extended WiFi.

Specifically, I would appreciate assistance with the following aspects:

  • Obtaining and installing the appropriate drivers for the TL-WN823N V2 USB WiFi adapter on OpenWrt.
  • Configuring the TL-WN823N V2 USB WiFi adapter to connect to Router 1 wirelessly.
  • Configuring the internal radio of the ESR300 to extend the wireless network from Router 1.

I am eager to learn and explore any resources, tips, or insights that the community can provide regarding this setup. Your expertise and guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support and valuable contributions.

Best regards,
Muntadher Majid

RTL8192EU is not going to make you happy, no USB wireless will, but in particular not Realtek USB wireless.

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