Help needed with DHCP and switch

hi all,
im new to the site but what im attempting is to use openwrt-19.07.3 on a Rpi3 (later to swap to a Rpi0w) but i have added a second usb-wifi dongle and installed it using


then finding out i needed to install
opkg install kmod-mt7601u

to get it functional.

i can have DHCP working on my eth0 port but not on my openwrt ap client on my wlan0 (built in)

im also having issue setting the switch configuration correctly to for example connect the eth0 to traffic via wlan1 (mt7601u)

ive been trying all week to get this functional. i plan on later linking the 2 wifi ports as client and then an AP and use openVPN so that when in a hotel room i can just attach this device one to the Wifi and have my devices automatically connect.

so my 2 main issues thus far are

DHCP will not give out IP addresses via radio0 (build in) it will eth0

cant configure Switch correctly to allow traffic from eth0 to access internet on Wlan1 .

any and all help much appreciated,

i can post my configs if needed

thanks in advance

@InvaderZimIRL,welcome to the community!

Bridge these 2 PHYs into one.

This wouldn't be done in switch. Again, sounds like you want to bridge the two together...does the Rpi3 have a switch anyways?

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@lleachii thanks for reply,

ill look into that for some reason i thought it wouldnt work that way im not sure why i thought that. ill get to some testing and will post my results later.

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