HELP NEEDED - "Recursive routing detected"

Hey ppl, I need some help in finding out a solution for my OpenVPN problems.
Router x86, 4core with AES-NI, OpenWRT build 21.02.2
Cable connection, link: 1Gbit down/100Mbit up

Two days ago I got a new Gbit connection to my home and upgraded my router to a latest build of OpenWRT. Now when I connect to a VPN from my PC, NAS or router my torrent download speed are at most 8MB/s, without VPN it goes to 100MB/s. Checking router logs I found that they are flooded with messages:
"Recursive routing detected, drop tun packet to [AF_INET]X.X.X.X:443"
And the messages reappear as long as the torrent download is active.

Speedtesting and normal downloads over VPN go to 50MB/s without those problems.

This was not happening before (same connection but on 200/20 Mbit speeds) and 21.02.0 Openwrt build - torrenting was working OK around 15-20 MB/s.

Anybody know how to fix the issue?!
Thanks and kind regards.

See this OpenVPN support forum thread -

Open ticket -

Not an OpenWrt issue.


Hi, thanks for the reply.
I've also found those while trying to find a solution or at least an explanation of the problem. I've spent a fair amount of time trying out everything I can think of regarding OpenVPN setup and router itself - nothing helped to eliminate the problem (the message about recursive routing I can live with, It's the low speed that's bothering me).
However I did "fix" my problem almost completely, and if anybody stumbles on this post trying to look for a solution, here it is:
Changed the OpenVPN tunnel to a TCP one (instead of UDP) - now the speeds are around 40-50 MB/s thus saturating the complete VPN link and I am very happy with that.
The Recursive routing detected now only shows itself sometimes, the log is not flooded with it anymore.

Kind regards