[Help needed] Nearly done - Support for Netgear WNR2000v5

Could someone help with the last part of adding support for the Netgear WNR2000v5?

Forum talk on openwrt forum about that: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=61256

Support is nearly done. Profile looks like this now:



NA,-H 29764648+4+0+32+2x2+0))

Probably last problem now: Device run into a second magic number check. Serial output error: Second part Bad Magic Number

This second magic number is written in memory space 000D0040.

What is now unknown: How can a magic number be written at a special place in the middle of the LEDE firmware? Could someone take a look at the forum post and help fixing this last thing?

A precompiled firmware for the users to test would be great!


Support for this device is working fine:


As a user I stumbled into this, installed- working fine. Wanted to just say thanks.Very little out there on web for this model so guess main pages do not reflect this build yet.