Help needed for Patch firmware of locked Archer c7

I want to install rooter firmware(goldenorb) which is custom openwrt firmware made for running 4g/3g dongles plug and play.
I am using this firmware on my old router tplink mr3020 with 4g dongle working very well
But now want to upgrade my system with tplink archer c7 but problem is due to locked v2 version of acher c7 i am unable to install it.
So i needed patch to run it.
Can you add patch to rooter firmware(goldenorb) for me because i have not that much knowledge to add it.
I will provide you link to firmware if you please help me to provide its patched version by editing it.
I shall be very thankful to you.
below is download link of firmware which i want to be patch
www dot

Answering the first part of your request, to unlock your router: you need to install the LEDE firmware for the corresponding locked region first (EU, US or IL are available - see this post).

Once on LEDE, you will be able to go wherever you want (don't use sysupgrade bin if you go to another firmware than LEDE afterwards). Just use the System->Backup / Flash firmware option on Luci (the Web GUI) to go to anything else than LEDE (special considerations are to be taken to go back to stock firmware).

@g_sahota There is a beta for GoldenOrb (Of Modems and Men) available for Archer C7 v2 dated March 11th (despite the fact that it look like it's March 1st), based on LEDE. Have you tried it ?

  1. Try to flash with GoldenOrb beta version first
  2. If "Error Code: 18005", try to flash LEDE with according locked region first, then flash GoldenOrb beta
  3. Ensure the bin filename is short enough to prevent some other errors (name it like "goldenorb.bin")

Hope this helps you,

thanks for help i installed beta version of goldenorb and working good