Help Needed: Configuring V2RayA on OpenWrt to Access

Hi everyone,

I have V2RayA installed and running on OpenWrt. However, when I try to access, it says I'm from a non-supported region. Meanwhile, I can still access YouTube and Facebook from Mainland China.

Using the same servers subscription, I can access via cellular or Wi-Fi without V2RayA, and I can use apps like V2RayNG on Android or ShadowRocket on iOS without any issues.

Could you please advise me on how to configure V2RayA to access

Thank you.

I just browsed the site for you, you need to connect from one of these:

Hi brada4,
I connected to United States or Japan for V2rayA in Openwrt.

Doesn't ChatGPT know the answer to this question ?

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Check if there is a way to detect China/timezone/language

OpenWRT cannot steal your headers, and in all justice they not willing to service you.