Help: MWAN3 - Router reboot loses one wan out of two

I have a standard MWAN3 setup (from recipe) on Archer C7 LEDE stable 17.01.4. Two cable modems connected to LEDE wan & wan2 ports respectively.

Scenario 1. Reboot router and two cable modems at the same time using a power strip off -> on. Router comes back up quickly before cable modems get connected to the ISP. Both ports are up. Operation is normal. Fail over works fine too.

Scenario 2. Cable modems are up and running. I Just reboot router using web interface. wan is disconnected. If I unplug and reconnect the Ethernet cable wan is connected again. Soft stop and start wan does not work. It has to be a physical disconnect.

What is wrong with Scenario 2?

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Mh, some cable modem relies on the client macaddress, try setting a different macaddress on wan2 (if both modems are from the same ISP) and some cable modems needs to be able to read macaddress of the client when booting, if not you will have to reboot the cable modem.