Help mounting/formating external drive with luci

I used minipartiion 10 to create a logical linux swap and a primary partition on my drive. I have block mount installed and am mounting it with luci.

Is luci supposed to mount the partition in dev? I'm not quite sure how to get my swap partition and my primary partition working

Do I now have to point all my downloads to /dev/sda2?

Under mounted file systems in luci I don't see the drive.

To mount your partitions automatically at boot, configure "fstab":
You need to mount your /dev/sda2 on some empty folder, and download your files there.

can this be done in luci under the mount points?

Yes, just use the "Add" button, both for the downloads folder and the swap partition.

What do I choose as the mount point? root file system? external overlay? custom?

If custom, what do I type?

you can use any empty directory as you like
The options you can choose from are already in use.

That's the right way ...
It's preferred for non system related mount points to use an empty directory in


and not /mnt itself.

so in custom do I have to type /mnt/folder? or is it just /folder?