Help me update my HFSC shaper scripts for fw4/nftables

I don't really change many things in the script, for me the determinant marks are:

Wash in both directions.
On R4S im removing br-lan and setting eth1 as lan, as I don't have any other network to merge in br-lan so I don't see the reason to have it and for this reason I don't user veth, as it also not needed if you don't have wifi point directly connected to r4s.
Uprate: 750000
Downrate: 750000
Overhead on ppppoe for fiber links its 39, at least for the technology used in Spain, as im under DHCP lease, im using 42.
You can check more info in: PPPoE over Fiber overhead question @lesandie is from Spain and in Spain all providers use same technology - FFTH with GPON, the only difference, that some of providers use pppoe and some DHCP.
Everything else I leave on default.
Don't disable ACK rate limiter, for me its a game changer, it really impact on the quality of gaming.

@Dopam-IT_1987 in my case Julien, I don't care about bufferbloat with a 1GB link, I don't have capacity to saturate the link so don't see the point to care about bufferbloat.

@dlakelan what I really found interesting is that on speed tests normally I have 0,5-1,5ms of jitter, and now using updated version im getting almost 99.9% jitter on 0.