Help me plz socks5

Hello everyone, I have Puli (GL-XE300) and Mudi (GL-E750) routers, I need to connect socks5 to them, who knows how to do this and is it even possible? Please help me!

Define this

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I need to connect a proxy to the router (socks5), that is, when I connect to the Internet from my phone, I need the router to distribute Wi-Fi already with a proxy

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I don't understand you, friend (

What part?

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  1. Enable Gateway ports on Dropbear.
  2. Follow the instructions to forward the local port to the ssh.
  3. Setup your browser to use the socks 5 proxy locally.

I need a socks5 client on router. Not proxy over ssh.

curl -x socks5h://SERVER_NAME:PORT -o output.curl

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