Help me out setting DSCP tagging w/ HSFCgamerscript

I'm using HFSC @Hudra script, without cake.
It's using pfifo. Everything is basicaly set to default, cause i lack knowledge on how to make custom rules.
The fact that there are rules on this location etc/config/hfscscript, but then you can also have rules on the firewall file, it makes me confused.
What would be the recommended approach, setting rules based on packet size?
How could i monitor that packets?
And when making custom rules, in which file should i put them in?
Is the etc/config/hfscscript only for the priority gameqdisc?
And the rest of the rules, should they be added on the normal firewall file with the proper CS class?
I heard about DSCP classify, but because I'm not using cake, that would not the job.

My initial idea was to try redirect my browser traffic away from cs5.
I wasn't able to do it.
That's when i got more ambitious.
I need something to check and organize every single port in the best efficient way as possible. I know nothing about DSCP tagging, but i want to learn how to seperate my traffic by priority.

I also don't know if this kind of approach will affect negatively the HFSCgamerscript.

I want be to monitor and track every port and packet, organize in a way based on priority, fitting them in the correct CS classes. I don't know which ports to choose/monitor, nothing. I really need help.
A step-by-step guide would be awesome.
Everything i find online is already being spoken, by well knowledge people. It's difficult to follow on it.

I want to use HFSCgamerscript with this kind of DSCP management idea.

Thank you.

Post output of

ubus call system board

and from

without any scripts then with current scripts.

What parameters you pass to which exact script?

What is your game? Tuning differs between quick chess and quick shooting....

You can use dscp (priority classification, on-wire dscp is useless if you classify locally) with pfifo_fast.

There is no need for troubleshooting, i just want that questions to be answered.
I want to understand them and make them work.
Also when making config rules, i need someone to explain me the correct method to make a UDP and TCP rule. How are they setup up?

This is exacty what i want to learn.

Kind regards.
@Hudra @Lynx @moeller0

How powerful is your router?
Do you have ton of uncontrollable latency courtesy provider?
What is your game to prioritize characteristic ports?

I want to monitor every packet and assign a rule to specific class.
I want to learn how to create them from scratch. That's all.

On this format (random google pic):

Like this?