Help me, OpenWrt on Nokia WI2B-AC200i

I have a wifi marketing Nokia WI2B-AC200i. Now i disconect wifi marketing. please help me. i want installing and using local not marketing . pls show me up firmware openwrt no marketing. thanks so much

most recent image is here

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I reset factory. How to login my device?.how to upgrade it.pls help me

just as the link says, use serial cable.

no serial port

The serial port is probably the four pins mid left, near the 90mm mark, on photo 1,2,3 -

can you give me serial connector ?which TX RX GND?


trial and error.

Or post sharper photos, than the ones from FCCID, of both sides of the PCB.

hi bác, bác cấu hình dc em nó chưa ạ. e cũng đang tìm cách up firmware cho ẻm nó mà ko thấy . :frowning: