Help me find the reason my openwrt is rebooting

Again it would have been erased from this official site. Theres even pandora in there. Wich is Russian. You too hate Russians am I right? And it’s still there. I’ll just wait for help from any Good Samaritan.

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This is not a question of where it was made or what anybody here thinks about any country. If someone took OpenWrt and modified it, you have to ask them for support, period.

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Since you’re that savvy, it occurs to me that you can then check the source code and find the malware you’re talking about and help the site to find and delete all the info about this evil site that’s could be here. Work all the strength, energy and time you had to argue with this post to help find the evil instead. Not me but the site.

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you got that right but then again why should it be mentioned??

you dont got that right


You guys dont have the will to help but theres energy to argue. Interesting.

Actually, @eduperez is correct in 99.99% of cases. We put in the element about the source code insofar as there may be some common bugs or behaviors that a developer or other contributor may find intriguing and they may be willing to read the source code to understand more about the problem. But in practice, I've actually never seen anyone on the OpenWrt forums do this for code modified outside the OpenWrt project.

That said, I'm willing to leave this thread open for a week to allow an opportunity for any interested parties to come forward to help. But, the arguments must stop, or the thread will be closed sooner. We are not here to speak ill of any countries/nationalities or other groups. The warnings about the lack of transparency is reasonable and it does't matter where it comes from. But given that we don't have any specific indication that there is anything sketchy about X-WRT, it may simply be 'yet another fork' of OpenWrt.

@artefactom - please remember that this project is entirely volunteer based. If someone is so kind as to be willing to look at the source code and attempt to help, please be grateful for their time. The best place to get support is from the people who maintain the firmware you are using -- especially if nobody jumps in to help from the official OpenWrt project.

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Wow it really amazes me how many time and will you have to write all of this. But not to check my issue. Fascinating. Don’t mention that I have to be grateful. You don’t have the place to do it. I will be grateful when it’s due. Why do you think you can tell me what to do when I am not doing anything wrong. I am actually following your rules and I am not doing anything wrong. You don’t have to explain what number 3 is for. It is there and that’s all ther is to it.

Thank you for your great help and time.

I don't have the skills to read through the source code to identify differences relative to official OpenWrt or things that could cause your device to crash. If I did, though, I personally would probably not be interested in investing my time in doing so... but others may be able and willing to help here (although don't hold your breath).

It was a reminder. It's also occasionally necessary to point out that this is not a paid support service or other situation where anybody 'must' help or that anybody owes anybody their time/energy to fix problems. The manner in which a user asks for help and the gratefulness they show for assistance tends to have an effect on the willingness of the volunteer contributors to actually help in any given thread.

I never said you were doing anything wrong. The thread itself is getting a bit heated, though, and it will be closed if that continues.

Ok... so take note about this part:

The operative word here is "might."

Oh and now the topic is automatically closing because my good friend don’t like me. Haha every time. There are topics open for years and mine is closing automatically in seven days after the last reply because god forbids somebody wants to actually help later on. Ok

No... I said this:

To be clear, X-WRT is entirely off-topic for OpenWrt and normally the topic would be closed because of that. However, true to my word, I set a topic timer for a week -- this topic should not remain open if it doesn't get attention within 1 week given that it is not OpenWrt related. (BTW, please don't bump it to keep the topic open indefinitely)

If you want to continue to argue the point, though, I'm happy to close it now.


Yeah and I wonder why is it getting heated. It’s called xenophobia. And before you pull the racist card, it means fear for the outsiders or hate to the outsiders.

And there you go again assuming things, I am not saying I never would even thought about it being obligated for you to help me, but it is amazing how several people here are willing to argue about me being an outsider or my build being an outsider than just check it out or shut up. You’re wasting your own time and mine while just arguing.

Oh yeah, blame me and close it. Nice

As had been stated multiple times -- and at this point is now the only path forward for you -- please ask in the X-WRT forums.