Help Me! Config MWAN3 tp-link Archer C7 v2-Lede 17.01.0-rc2

My router is Archer C7 v2 and it uses switch AR8237N. I can't config: switch, wlan and MWAN3.
I want to use MWAN3 with my two network internet. Pls help me! ( I'm sorry for my Eng )

Please post uci show network to see switch configuration... and if you have luci, an screenshot of switch too will be useful...

Switch is the tricky part, since it often changes from device to device...

For example here is how I do on it WR1043ND, WDR3600 and WDR4300:

the rest can be done following:

I found this repository with all of the config files needed for multiwan using mwan3 on the archer C7 v2:

Here is a fork for a dual wan connection, which I can confirm is working like a charm with 18.06: