Help me choose an ADSL router for OpenWrt

Hi all.
I have ADSL internet at 10 Mbps (you heard right, I'm the only one with internet at my location)

I have an old 2500u that freezes all the time.
I want to find and buy an ADSL router that I can install OpenWRT on and make it work.
Please tell me if there are such computers, if so, please tell me the models.
I can buy a new Netgear DGN3500 for $20. Tell me, please, OpenWRT, and will DSL work on it?
Thanks in advance for the reply

Yes, according to this page:

I was just watching this guide. The only mention of a working adsl is Chaos Calmer 15.05. And the last one is 22.03.2? Will adsl work there?
I want to be sure that the latest version will work

If you want something 100% known to work with 21.02, get a BT HomeHub 5A. The downside is that you will need a USB-serial adapter, and open the case, in order to flash it - so better buy a pre-flashed one on eBay UK. And it is not a good idea to flash it with 22.03, due to a boot-loop bug.

Another known-good option for ADSL is Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H, if you can still find it - but it uses very similar hardware to Netgear DGN3500.

I don't have a Netgear DGN3500, so can't say if it works with 22.03 - but given the low price, it's worth trying.

Check the wiki for lantiq devices, disregard anything before/ after vr9 (vrx268/ vrx288) and look for the correct annex and good wlan chipsets (QCA/ Atheros, which limits the selection quite a bit...), then check the procedures about how to flash OpenWrt. Sadly FCC certified devices are even more rare.

Yes, vr9 are VDSL2 chipsets, but they're supporting ADSL just as well - support for older (ADSL-only) lantiq chipsets is theoretical at best and largely untested, so only go with vr9.

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I have a pair of bt hub5s that I can flash with a more recent OpenWRT. But that is if you are in UK.

I am in the RU, I would take two from you, but unfortunately with the current circumstances, there is no delivery :frowning:

dgn3500 is the only router I can buy in my region.
That is, as I understand it, the work of the DSL on 22.03.2 will be equal to 50/50?
It is a pity that there are no iron guarantees that it will work

It turns out 50/50 work dsl on 22.03?

Pick xrx200 supported device . List is quite slim I know . You might find german imported fritzbox or tplink W8970 W8980 .

Well, in this case, the OP can buy it from avito: or

the last link, the one from TD-W8980, an 8MB flash drive, and a high probability of installation through the series

a comrade above ayvloraiv wrote to me that it is better to consider Fritzbox. I found one model on avito fritzbox 7330, and there is free shipping

how bad is the fritzbox 7330, and does DSL work on opewnwrt?

It is not a VDSL modem. Therefore, by choosing it, you will violate the "Pick xrx200 supported device" recommendation given above. OTOH, that recommendation is definitely over-cautious: Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H is known to work, with ADSL, with 21.02 (can't test with 22.03, the ADSL line is decommissioned).

EDIT: Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H, Netgear DGN3500, and fritzbox 7330 are based on the same Lantiq XWAY platform. So I would be surprised if only some of them work.

Unfortunately Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H is impossible to find in ru.
And I can’t take the W8970 either, because the sellers refuse to send to my region, or the price is very high, or the rating of sellers is very low
Then the choice fell between Netgear DGN3500, and fritzbox 7330 :thinking:

Then choose Netgear DGN3500. It is available in your region and is documented to be flashable via the web.

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Perhaps I agree. It makes it possible to update through the factory firmware, which is rare. Many need via TFTP, or even via Serial

I'm using this and it works quite well.

I purchased DGN3500, today I installed Openwrt 21.02.5 on it
The router is fully functional. ADSL also works perfectly

But there is one moment. The maximum you can put on this router is 21.02.5. If you put 22.03.x, then it will be brick. This is due to the fact that the Kernel partition has a size of 2.2MB. And version 22.03 has kernel 5.10, which is too much for the kernel partition, and the router goes into a brick

so you can take note, it works perfectly

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