Help me build openwrt for WR840N V6

I saw some post and tried to compile image fof wr840n v6 but never success :frowning:
could someone help me to compile openwrt for wr840n v6 with minimal luci, sqm, nodogsplash & netperf. then remove ipv6, pppoe, opkg and some packages maybe i dont need (u tell me)

hope someone can help me :slight_smile:
need replace my mr3020 v3 as a router..because mr3020 wifi is sucks.and i need router with many lan port :slight_smile:

That doesn't appear to be supported in OpenWrt, according to the TOH. Given that it is 4/32 device, you would have difficulty running OpenWrt 18 or 19 on it anyway.

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It's not really worth it. You don't buy a router everyday (or do you?). So save yourself the hassle and get a sending hand sorted router for $20 or so.

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yes but some post succeeded build custom modifications for this wr840n v6.i tried follow the instructions but no luck :frowning:
already contact some member who built the customization but still no response

i know
i have plan to buy xiaomi router 4A
but now i already have 3 router (mr3020,tenda f3 & wr840n) and mi repeater
if i buy more router, it will waste hehe

i plan to make wr840n as my main router. currently im using mr3020 for main router and the wifi performance is not good when my 2 other router as repeater

I think your best bet is to hope that the other user does get back to you with the recipe they used to build the image. It isn't supported by anything official (and the supported status for other OS's is listed as 'unknown' on the listing -- probably not supported my those other options, either.

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Keep in mind that it is a very very old unit, and the actual routing bandwidth is probably very low. Unless you have a slow internet connection (<50mbps at best), this is not going to give you full speed.

You could just stick with the stock/vendor firmware if you really need to use this device.

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my isp can reach till 80mbps actually
i want to install openwrt to wr840n coz i really need sqm at least. i already have my own script to make sqm auto adjust coz my isp speed sometimes goes up and down depends on their clients traffic

if the custom openwrt + my request package cant fit
minimal luci, sqm and netperf will be enough. ill keep my mr3020 to run nodogsplash as AP

Also, in addition to what @psherman said, even if you name to flash it and get it to work, it will be problematic keeping it up to date with security update, so not really good for a main router.

Do you acutally need the repeaters, or are you just using them to convert for your current router's WiFi? Because if yreally want OpenWrt and you care about security, you could get yourself a suitable router, and still or give away the old ones except maybe one to use as a backup. Afterall, using too many devices could cost more, considering electricity cost.

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SQM and other traffic shaping packages are processor intensive, and I don't think you'll get good performance with that enabled. Let me give you an example -- the EdgeRouter X and the Unifi Security Gateway are both designed for gigabit service (and they perform well with the stock OS). If you use them with any traffic shaping enabled, they drop down to ~200Mbps max throughput, and these are devices that have highly optimized firmware for to match the hardware. So, if you turn on SQM, I would suggest you might only get ~20-30Mbps out of that router.

ummm actually im not really care about the security update hehe. its only for home router and no security concern.latest ooenwrt or 18 is enough for me

yah i need repeater right now to cover all blind spot in my house.and you know im using mr3020 for my router.. wifi cant reach my room with only mr3020

currently with my mr3020 and auto sqm 90% from bandwidth result. its working fine. with cable lan i can get almost full bandwidth
but from wifi only max around 50 mbps while my sqm set in 70mbps
but from my repeater only can max 30mbps,coz repeater always reduce bandwidth. but my concern is stability
im sure my mr3020 cant deliver good quality in wifi coz lack of antenna and tx power. so sometimes i met wifi issue. only pinging gateway can reach 50ms more :frowning:

That's just wrong.

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i know
but im not kind of person who should keep up to date
i wont use my effort to keep updating my openwrt version and resetup my config
if i can get openwrt for wr840n v6 and the functionality is meet with my requirement.i will stay with it for next 2-3 years and im okay

my old router mr3220 v1. and still using custom build lede 17 (forgot build by who) until now and im fine with it and never meet any problem (except extroot issue coz sometimes the flashdisk error)

I'd argue that everybody should keep up to date. Even if you don't have sensitive data on any computer(s)/device(s) on your network (which, by the way, you might, including photos, email, web browsing history, etc.), your network can become compromised if your primary protections are out of date and easily exploitable. From there, your network can become a conduit for other annoying/sketchy/illegal activity, even if you yourself are not engaged in such actions. Think of it like a house or building that has no regular occupants and no security, or easily defeated locks and such -- pretty soon that may become the target for burglars and squatters -- maybe even become a 'drug house', and you wouldn't want to be the owner of that house with the potential liability for activities happening within that you failed to prevent.

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@pshermani i have question for you related sysupgrade
i saw openwrt 19 has new release.
i built mr3020 image with image builder , i not use standard package but i remove package i not use and add some package. how i upgrade my mr 3020? right know i forgot the list package i remove and add before :frowning:

The MR3020 is really too old and too limited to run OpenWrt 19.07.x or 18.06.x. You would have to build your own image as it is not part of the available downloads for the release builds. You can save space when building an imageand if it runs at all, it would be really poor performance -- limited by both flash storage and RAM. That device will be unable to fit any additional packages (I'm not even sure if LuCI fits).

The last fully supported version is LEDE 17.01.7. Even that was starved for space. IIRC, in order to even create an extroot, it was necessary to build a custom image that omitted LuCI and added the relevant extroot packages because it was impossible to fit the extra packages otherwise.

My advice: get a new device. It isn't worth it to mess with such old hardware.

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