Help making image for wr940n v6

hello everyone ...
at the beginning i want to thank all people here for making this great openwrt
I'm with zero level in coding thing and programing stuff all i want to ask if there's someone can make image contain (upnp) for wr940n v6 the stable release working perfectly but i can't install opkg because of low memory and i found another image in the forum with (upnp + sqm + ad block + ddns ) but it's not stable (long time to boot + wifi restarts)
god bless you all

Welcome, in case you can't find someone to do it for you: you don't need no programming skills, just your basic knowledge in Linux CLI interfaces. It's all documented on the wiki.

If the forum image developer still has his build box set up, perhaps you could request either a custom image or the imagebuilder kit.

If you're OK with 18.06.8 here is the link to download the imagebuilder.

You need an amd64 linux box to build with these instructions