Help installing VPN on OpenWrt r25959-3908b77c9e / LuCI Master 24.102.513

I am using OpenWrt SNAPSHOT firmware version r25959-3908b77c9e / LuCI Master 24.102.51352~4cffc9f. I would like to use a VPN, but what I find on the forum is not valid for this version. In this firmware, I find the openvpn-openssl package, but not the luci-app-openvpn package. They have already helped me a lot with the installation, but could you help me expand my borders?

What are you trying to do, connecting to a commercial VPN or allowing you to access your network from the road?

Usually wireguard is easier to work with (and faster), so if you aren't dead set on openvpn, wireguard might be preferable.

Thank you for your help! It was my mistake, I was looking the wrong way. I already found the 2 necessary files. I'm setting up a Kaspersky VPN for router (I have a subscription).

I have another question: watching the procedure I can't find "turn0" in Covered Devices (sorry: I'm a layman!). How should I proceed?