Help installing OpenWrt snapshot on TP-Link RE650 v1

Hi folks,

I am trying to install the snapshot OpenWRT on my TP-Link RE650 v1. I see that people have installed them here but not sure how to achieve it. On my TP-Link TL-WR902AC, I installed by resetting (holding down reset button while powering up) and use TFTP. Only other way I know of is using the Firmware Upgrade of the stock Web Browser but neither of those methods worked for me.

If there is a generic method, I'd appreciate help.


The trick is to rename the tplink_re650-v1-squashfs-factory.bin file to something much shorter (e.g. firmware.bin) and then upload to the vendor web-interface firmware upgrade interface.

This limitation of the TP-Link web UI applies to almost all TP-Link devices, I guess that's why nobody is mentioning it for this device in particular...

Shortened filename worked. Thank you.

I can connect to the unit via ethernet now using ssh. Now, have to figure out how to connect to other Access point to install Luci.

Wish me luck

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