Help installing on Linksys EA7300v2

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to install on this EA7300v2.
So i downloaded the OEM fw and the snapshot squashfs for this device.

I first install the OEM and after reboot i install the snapshot.
But then nothing happens, well it reboots and it does get an IP, but there is no web interface.

What am I doing wrong?

Right now i hard reset a few times to get back to OEM and flashed OEM again to be save.

I'm fairly new to this installing. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Ok, apparently it installed fine, but the firmware comes without luci? I downloaded putty and ssh into the router and it showed openwrt.
Did the opkg update and opkg install luci. Rebooted and it worked.
I now have the web interface.

Installed luci-travelmate and watchcat through luci.
Rebooted after installation, luci is not working again.
Now it redirects to luci page url (/cgi-bin/luci) but shows a linksys 404 page. SSH to router ip doesn't work anymore either.